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The Handler is a proprietary line of chemical handling systems that enables quick, easy, and safe mixing and loading of agricultural chemicals into sprayers, airplanes, and hauling tank systems. The Handler is state of the art, best of breed, the GOAT of this category. We were assigned to upgrade the Handler website after The Handler was purchased by Tank Holding Inc. It was a labor of love. The Handler has great products, a great story and great people. We created a look and voice for the entire Handler brand. We updated and rewrote their story and content. We polished up their product photography and videos. We helped them look and sound like the leaders they are. Now The Handler has a website that functions as a 24/7/365 sales person. Visit

“Positive feedback is still pouring in from the website. We finally have a website that lives up to our great products.”

Chris Thompson, Business Unit Manager The Handler & Accessories

John Cleese famously ended Monty Python’s “Last Supper” sketch with “I may not know much about art, but I know what I like!”.  On my second project now with Hrabal, what has impressed me is your ability to take my very rough verbal description of what I have clearly pictured in my mind…and actually make it happen.  Your efforts to understand the subject matter, its applications, and its target market are better than any other creative team I’ve worked with.

Chris Thompson
Business Unit Manager – The Handler & Accessories