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Founded in 1931, Meese, Inc. is one of the best rotational molding companies in the US. They make carts used to efficiently haul laundry, recycling and e-scrap. However, they were going through an identity crisis with many name changes over their long history. We helped them evolve from MODRoto back to their original roots to adopt the “Meese” name again. We created a new logo, designed and built a new e-commerce website, reimagined their product art digitally, we produced print and online ads. We created all new collateral and a multitude of digital campaigns. Our ongoing communication plan with Meese includes strong SEO attention, banner ads, a quarterly newsletter and easily updatable product catalogs. We gave them a fresh new look and voice. We gave Meese a plan to grow their business. Visit

“Hrabal Creative transformed our brand, our communications, and our voice in the marketplace.

We are leaders in every way.”

Dan Rodriguez, National Sales Manager, Meese